Who is Oscar Grey?

Oscar Grey blows banana-shaped pipe smoke, luring
chimps with stomachs so noisy, neighbors call time out.
As the game resumes, Oscar’s hand slips from his wrist,
falling for days, till on the seventh, the hand grows a new
Oscar Grey.

The new Oscar Grey twists balloon poodles whose furs
contain smaller poodles (∞), drooling out rivers, where
scheming men raise clumsy Jolly Rogers that occasionally
drop a bone or two like bricks from old Oscar’s spidery

Webs spun with sugarcane fibers lure stray Oscar Greys
into future entrées so exquisite, seated guests wait days.
On the seventh, Oscar folds, forfeiting his staked daughter
who flutters so rabidly, everything collapses. Henceforth,
no further mention of Oscar Grey is possible.

Was, Now, and Will

Infinitely, he is Was, before, yester-, forgotten or
not, retro-, behind bars of was with a paralysis to

But then Now breaks in, exposes his weapon, and
hijacks Was’s script to plagiarize it, to color or de-
color it. He is is, current, alongside, and as here as
he ever will be, alive, -ing, (else, not). He is, but
does not was, and does not will, but is always am,
and is always are.

Will will (?), though he has no idea when. He too
hijacks Was, then throws Now a rope, a why-not,
or a new. Will he? Tomorrow, never, or…

Venous Power Injection of Solutions

She chews her mother’s pre-chew of a microwave
dinner; catches a softball with her Cyclopean mitt;
walks the jagged field with her shoe-shiner’s feet;
swallows the seedless sun-flower seeds; plagiarizes
her old plagiarisms; installs training wheels on her
rollerskates; cons a prostitute into sex; enters
a drive-thru liposuction; enters multiple cheat codes;
calls an assembly specialist for her new hammock;
goes buckshot fishing at an aquarium; activates
the voice-activated straw-extender; uses her home
edition GPS; replaces the house plant with its picture;
replaces the picture with its imagination; replaces
the imagination with….

Two Pieces of Thread

Entwine. Elizabeth, there is you and you. All else
is not-you — a blur, a shadow, a detail of a detail,
a watering can without a garden.

The man | sits upon a lonely loveseat.

Not today. The chalkboard eraser works overtime.
Trade me a kiss for a kiss. Even your silence coos.
No Vacancy. Unextinguishable bonfires light cold
evenings. The tour guide surrenders. Even bull ants

There is you and you (for me) — orange in tint, for
I am red and you, yellow. A sunrise turns to sunset.
The moon smiles. Wolves hide angry fangs. You
and me. You with me. You, a part….

Salt and pepper shakers. The water in fall making
a waterfall. A couplet, doublet, duet, duo, match,
pair, twosome,… sole, unit, one,… whole, entire,….