Being & Serpent Words

Ignorance can be as fierce a venom as…

The word is a vehicle with a driver named Being. The word is a map created by a map-maker named Being. The word is a tool crafted by a craftsman named Being. We have a busy bee on our hands, a busy bee beeing. If B is for B-ing, then C is for C-ing. Seeing follows Being.

See to this. Being is here to spread the word that anybody can make the word. Build the word out of candle wax and watch it melt away, for life is a sand mandala, an intricate domino line, and momentary fruit. L is for language. Words are language. Throw language into language, and create worlds, for if L is added to “word”, a “world” is created. The serpent hisses. Words, being symbols, form groups of symbols, which if reminiscent of other groups of symbols, form analogies. An analogy for “an analogy” is “an analogy” like “an analogy”, and “like” is even an analogy for “an analogy”. Figuratively speaking, all speaking is figurative, but what is “figurative”? What is “speaking”? What is “all”? What is?

What a word breeds, a breed words. A word breeds more words until it returns to itself. “is self-referenced” is self-referenced. A mirror looks at itself in the mirror. The etymology of etymology is the greatest etymology of them all. If one agrees, one is only partially agreeing, for one man’s conclusions will only be a striking resemblance to another man’s conclusions. At most, we have puns–agreement puns. After speaking of exploiting others, what did the two business executives do? A greed. Greed can lead to letter Y if one wants an adjective. The serpent hisses. A man walks into a bar and tells a woman what he means, even though she only hears what she means. The means to an end is the better end. The woman reads from the script, but Being improvises its foundations. Dig down to the foundation, then dig down to the shovel itself. Beware of foundations. Beware of truths. Beware of beware.

Be where? Be here. Be. Be compassionate. To be fully compassionate, one must even be compassionate of the uncompassionate, even if she is the devil herself. Only by surrendering to all that is does one gain control. The only mistake is believing that mistakes exist. The serpent hisses. Consequences are everywhere, even nowhere, for the lack of consequences consequently have no consequences. If one understands consequences, they will turn into prosequences. Death is a prosequence of life. Death and rebirth is but a game of peek-a-boo played by our very selves like solitaire. I and them is but a variation on the same game. “I”, “I”, “I”, “I”, “I” am only “I” after stacking past “I”‘s together. To add to the I’s, “I” also has an endless number of possible “I”s called probability “I”s that have the potential of slipping on like a coat, even if wearing one at 102° F lacks practicality. But what is practicality but an absurdity repeated over and over?

God laughs worlds into existence. Note: God, Self, and Being are as different as contrary and dissimilar. God occasionally converts to Atheism in order to spice things up. Meta-Note: Describing divinity only bogs divinity down to mere metaphor. Holy wars are but metaphor wars! All this trouble over which crayon colors better.

The unnameable one is everywhere, even nowhere. Jekyl is Being and Hyde is Non Being. What do you get when you don’t get? Non sequitur. W is for whole and H is for hole. There is a w-h-o-l-e in one. In two, we see duality, and in “three”, five letters. In this line, we see four “four” words, each “four” containing four letters. In the next line, a man walks into a bar and loses his marbles, making room for new ones. A man walks into a bar and loses his marbles, making room for new ones. Likewise, a thinker breaks free from a self-constructed mental institution in order to break into another one. The serpent hisses. Who is nuts? Nobody, for we are but raisins and bolts. The writer’s I is modifying the audience’s I. I is for illusion, whereas we is for weening from I. To ween or not to ween? Either way, Being is playing in the sand. Or if that metaphor is not sufficient enough, try “knitting beside a fireplace” or “plucking guitar strings in space”.

If Being is good, then all is good, even evil. If Being is evil, then all is evil, even good. What this translates to is a loose canon rolling down a slippery slope. The bate is that which follows “being is”. From now on, “is” is “seems to be”. Does that mean that “is” seems to be “seems to be”? Seems to be. The serpent hisses. Seeking credit for what seems to be a good deed cancels out the good deed. To be tiny is to have a name, but to be large is to have no name. Anonymous is Being’s pet rooster.

Can observing whirling laundry be as fulfilling as observing quantum particles? All roads observed closely enough lead to the same clown school. All is humorous, especially that which is not humorous. “I” have all the answers because “I” have no answers. Even after stepping on an ant pile, “I” still have no ants, sirs. What do you call a joke without an answer? Nobody knows. If nobody No’s, then nobody Yes’s either. The further one ponders reality, the further it escapes grasp like grasping that which is grasping itself. Being escapes from his self-inflicted chains, only to find himself chained again–a dream within a dream, a string within a string, a speck within a speck. The serpent hisses. Don’t feed the hand that bites you. Wants breed more wants, whereas haves always have. Embark on the journey far enough and Chaos will show herself, either in a humorous or traumatizing fashion. So, play the characters of the audience, and “I” will play the character of the speaker. “I” am because you are because “I” am because you are. Forgetting that we are on stage does not mean we aren’t. So, who’s bluffing?

Who isn’t? Faking consistently enough is realing, reeling sucker fish. When all else is a cardboard cutout, what is real but Being itself? The very act of questioning Being answers itself like looking for a flashlight with that very flashlight. The serpent hisses. Here is another clever line, though “possibly” will go before “clever” just for modesty’s sake. Is modesty a modest way of lying or truthing? True and false arguments turn into comedy skits after knowing that truth and non-truth are but Being’s greatest pun. To pick one side is to choose between the kicker and the kicked. After stepping away or within, one will see a kicker kicking himself. After stepping even further, “him” will slide off of “himself” leaving just “self”, making the observer become the observed. But what is a game without two opposing sides? Let us call the game a game and play in it too. “I” am for it just as much as “I” am against it. The solitaire match is on!

On hold? Ignorance can be as fierce a venom as wisdom, though venom can be the sweetest nectar. Today, we not only lit the candle at both ends, but did so without fire. Symbols, metaphors, analogies, and words are but Being’s greatest clown suit. The serpent has returned to bite its own tail. Its greatest success is its greatest failure, for when meaning becomes too meaningful, meaning becomes meaningless. So be as one is, for what one seems to be or seems not to be is of secondary importance.

Or is it?

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