Helios Beach

Ease-bound, she bosabosa1s within ‘er thighs’ albino-
sand indentation ‘n emits nostril-souffles at Imbat2 —
his decoiffer3-inducing pleaser mencolek4s for a little
uitwaaien5. Up she springs, saunters, ‘n adjusts ‘erself,
leaving bikini-strap karelu6 to rub. A hermit crab ebbs
trench-ward from an intruding foot, then aufatmen7s.

She disperses ‘er awawa8 sand-clumps at Poseidon
‘n succumbs to his winding curglaff9-sweep. A seagull
hovers above ‘n eyes below at a puibjarpok10’d, sea-
weed-hair’d gal harmoniously with sea-glisten. She plays
with water by scooping a gurfa11. Below, a critter floats
toward a pair of legs as if unfazed by their towering size.

With a sudden wide-eye, she sirens! An electro-burning
triggers from ‘er jahja12. Shorewardly, she arm-flaps
but arrives, soaked, under covers. Helios ejects his light
through a window. Her jahja pulsates. She turns ‘er head-
o-daberlack13 ‘n’ emits a siren once more. To ‘er side,
amongst seaweed, a jellyfish bingildamak14s savagely.

________________________________________ ____________________
Foreign Words with no English Equivalents
1 Bosabosa – (Japanese) – Idling away time.
2Imbat- (Turkish) – A summer sea breeze.
3 Decoiffer – (French) – To mess up ones hair.
4 Mencolek – (Indonesian) – Touching someone lightly with one finger in order to tease.
5 Uitwaaien – (Dutch) – To walk in windy weather for fun.
6 Karelu – (Tulu, Indian) – The mark left on the skin by anything tight.
7 Aufatmen – (German) – To breath a sign of relief.
8 Awawa- (Hawaiian) – The space between fingers or toes.
9 Curglaff – (Obsolete English, Scottish dialect) – The shock felt when plunging into cold water.
10 Puibjarpok – (Inuit) – To show head above water.
11Gurfa – (Arabic) – The amount of water scooped up in one hand.
12Jahja – (Wagiman, Australia) – The area behind the knee.
13Daberlack – (Ullans, Northern ireland) – seaweed or un-controllably long hair
14Bingildamak – (Wagiman, Australia) – To quiver like jelly.

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