In court, the judge passes a basketball after calling a foul
ball from his phone, crashing the party, and declaring that
the nude basketball tournament is cancelled due to a ban
on basketballs, chiefly the nude ones (without any logos).
Nationwide, basketballs burn within pits, some surviving
in the underground via rodents having courts of their own.

In time, basketballs are granted the right of a court, the left
belonging to the Church. Occasionally, the priest dribbles
over his sanctified water, demanding remorse for stealing–
they pass–along with the judge whom passes the ball rolling
alongside the road, distrustful of hitchers. Albeit, the balls
bounce all night long.

O’ Kristin

O’ Kristin how your duck feathers lure me;
come out from the pond. Let’s dine at sun-
set peer where humans throw heart-shaped
bread scraps.

O’ Kristin, your too many fingers wisp
mine so delicately, but must they be so full
of pudding? I am yours regardless. Let’s sit
under stars until we wish ourselves purple.

O’ Kristin, every time you speak, you blow
out love spells, but crickets too. Let’s hold
each other hostage. Let’s burglarize! Let’s
pillage! All in the name of love.

Acknowledgement of an Event

Before delving into the matter at hand, open your ears. The unfolding to-be-expressed herein will take place before your very eyes, contrary to popular belief. Certainly so, this manifestation, of equal, lesser, or greater importance, will occur within a timely fashion along two possible futures: near or faraway. Bare with me here, if you so please. The expression in question, assuming there is a question, shows itself adequately within the boundaries of the highest quality communication available within reasonable doubt. So in consequence and without further adieu, we are delighted in presenting to you the moment you all have been waiting for.