Dimension, Being, and Dualism

A direction in thought, because all is direction, and nothing is true or false (or if you wish, all is true and false).

Quite often, I try to imagine those higher “dimensions” as described by string theory, which attempts to describe upper dimensions from the “logic” of the dimensions we are quite familiar with (as above, so below). Three dimensional space, as we know, uses two dimensional space as its building blocks. One can say also then that four dimensional space (oftentimes seen as 3d plus time, an animated 3d) uses the prior dimensions as its building blocks. What happens though, when we follow the progression into 5th dimension? Then 4-dimension (animated 3d) turns into one solid being, or past and now self connecting to “possible” future selves. We have so many possibilities. Endless possibilities. Seeing these possibilities would be glimpsing into the 5th dimension. In the 5th dimension, we with clarity, would be able to see our possibilities, but we would choose where to, at a time, jump from one place to the other, whereas the next 6th, like the 3rd dimension, would make jumping in-between the prior dimension quite easier. Here is where I usually stop, for it becomes way too theoretical than it already is by assuming there are other “big bang” type occurrences which are other universes, which if connected to our universe, form a line like that of 2d line, and that pattern is followed all the way up to the 10th dimension.

With all this type of “paradigm shift”, I find myself thinking what truly would just one dimension “upgrade” feel like. If 3d works by seeing 2d in 3d, then the next shift up works in seeing 3d in 4d, then 4d in 5d, like following an octave up. We would see clearly various possibilities spread out, and we would choose to travel in using the 4th dimension (like how we would choose a 2d/3d something to visualize the concept of movement). Following with the string theory pattern, we would not yet be able to jump anywhere we wanted necessarily. Opportunities are opened and the end result can be seen, but you simply would not be able to just jump at the end result of what you see necessarily (that would appear to be the 6th dimension). I intuitively lump together mythology and archetypes such as angels/aliens/ancestors together as metaphorical representations or the idea of one whom sees dimensions a step or more above ours.

I entertain the thought that these beings or at least part of them are just us viewing “reality” in a dimension higher than what we are currently seeing, like a pun in a way. (I also entertain the thought that the angel/alien archetypal beings are us as we have evidently “evolved” out of the illusion of time or at least made time into a lower dimension such as 3d would use 2d). We reside here in 3d with 4d, while we are possibly at the very same time “consciously” moving in all the other dimensions without noticing. This may be called the “higher self”. That being (you) may have “consciously” blocked his/her own self off for the very reason to explore with the limitations that you are given at this moment. Pun-like, he/she is still consciously seeing what is going on. Here, I have purposely stayed at my brainstorms of 4th to 5th because at higher dimensions, or even the highest, using the best of my “software mind” of my current-dimensional self to explain it, the highest dimension gets so congested that any and everything is indistinguishable. Chaos becomes perfection and nothing becomes everything. Going that far up is so far up, that I have seen it labeled “spiritual suicide”. So, if one wishes, one could go up that avenue (Buddhists have called that the gateless gate, where one has no where else to go), but what about the fun in being that great artist of life, making something out of the sleu of chaos? String theory in itself is only a program that sets limitations. The ordering of things does not denote “reality”. Here especially is where that statement that the map is not the territory applies. You are the artist. You can adopt ideas if you wish, but you can also create your own.

So, cheers to being an artist! Here, I will continue creating art and building some parallels/limitations regarding dimensional shifts. The last bit of “creativity” I may express here before bailing is that I see an interesting parallel to the idea of dimensional shifting and dualism. It appears that as dimensionality increases, further degrees of dualisms are made whole again. Think of the yin and yang symbol. In dualism, there is a fundamental two-ness to things, the alpha and the omega, good and bad, here and there. What appears to happen to dualisms as one brainstorms about other dimensions is that they begin disappearing or forming into one whole unit, much like how the separateness of our past self from our future self in the 5th dimension is seen more as one. Thinking of the 5th and 6th dimension has one consider that space/time itself is nothing but illusion and limitations set upon ourselves. Then just as one may think that this would either be a good or bad thing, one may then transcend that dualism and see that things are as they are–nothing but direction in thought. And that Being itself is certainly interesting.