Pe (פ)

Lo, the elegangrenous mangesty

Icarussing his sewn virtuoso-so

highbrow, high-should’oeuvred



In the lavishtory, he sophistibates

over mountainted mirrerr like

a myhrrky colosmetic blobble-

head in a dumpstar limouswine.


And he sewerves upon avainues,

Babeling on a bout—velvitriolic


Nun (נ)

Upon the guillothrone, he grabs his

pestilance and baneberry suicider

goblet, promhissing blessphemy

and prosperilous last gaspgasms.


Surreprise! Open the blue violent-

bowed cadaviar bag. The rigor

morterrific desparadises aweight

like heavainly vulchoirs, catastro-


philia. Thwarteen feat undergrowls

in a lungless….

Aleph (א)

In the beginend, Self was wasless,

emptyful, and neverything, dancing

frozen in wisgnorance and realusion

with quanswers like—

Where is everywhere?


It’s now o’clock, beforth the our,

and umbilical discords entertaint

like asphyxurrecting breadth apawn

a royal tombstemming.


Heare now, the Fool’s muted trumpet

immortannihilating yestermorrows.

Untitled Self-Portrait

The dart of venom then. Lo, a loss and mirror because. The clarity when the gift of order entirely. Abyss onto. The meat of meat, albeit and swallowing when the eye. Void when. Outside or another difference because. However, amnesia. Owning and signatures then causing after. Around the watchers of. There is when not because. Words and empty scoreboards like prisons then. But the darts returning a wheel less an axis until. Therefore, itself. A black hole ball after trying not. Hence the painting silence after. A focus or not kingdom when the following.