Taw (ת)

Bewhold! HermaphrodIsis’ causmic

conschasteness pleascentree, her/

hiss infinighte wghight and darknest



Beyawned, bellows, a sthrobing

peyeneal penetreats the vageyenal

warmwhole with eggsagermating

immasculatte concepshine.


Danceding, danceasing twogEther

insepairably, triunally, elemantally

in naughts/what knots: the beginend.

Bet (ב)

A goalden langauge shotgone spours

fourth circulying mEanglish befour

an altarrain—bearth’s pentacall,

waterever’s challass, heir’s soard,

and fhigher’s rawd.


Come-pass the sqwhere upon

the will-gridden map sCrowl eye.


With spearit highgh and matereal

belown, the mankey fathere blew-

prints mandalands, vehiclues,

and beauterus howses.