An Argument For The Truth

1. One can verify whether The Truth is the case by simply being honest.

2. The Truth exists or does not. Because The Truth exists, it cannot be said to not exist.

3. The majority agree they possess The Truth because they are not me, though because I am in the majority, I have The Truth.

4. Grandmother, though, with her tenderness and age-old wisdom said that The Truth has ruled long enough and is due for falsification. The elderly are the antagonists of The Truth.

5. If falsification were not the case, Grandmother would have taken away my graham crackers. There is nothing wrong with me wanting to keep my graham crackers.

6. Despite, I cultivate wrongdoing in order to keep The Truth from being falsified, therefore The Truth shall lead to salvation.

7. The cause, then, of The Truth is salvation, and the cause of causality is correlation.

8. Any doubt in The Truth indicates one never was a true Truth sage. Moreover, a doubt in anything at all may tempt one into an all-out doubt for The Truth, hence one may do well to drop doubting altogether.


a whole amount of units of events of the same class coming one after another in a succession of actions that follow an exertion of power on a preceding particular part of a regulating principle of a finite number from a series of an organization of a part dominated by the general character of a whole