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KOST 103.5 To Play Reformed Holiday Classics For Consumer America


LOS ANGELES The holiday season is here and KOST 103.5 FM has joined Universal Music Group in playing our favorite winter holiday hits from yesterday, but with a twist. All the cherished songs we know will be updated to match the progressive times. “We want to reflect the true spirit of the winter holiday: presents, lots and lots of presents,” financial analyst Julien Woolward voiced on air with KOST host Mark Wallengren. To give a taste, the “Little Drummer Boy” line “Our finest gifts we bring pa rum pum pum pum” will become “Gifts from Macy’s we bring pa rum pum pum pum.” After that song, ¬†another favorite may chime in, “All I want For Christmas Is My iPod 6.” The updated classics will run beginning Friday, December 5th.