Tour & India Scholarship Fund

At where I stand now, it’s looking like I will be in India till summer or late July of 2019 (depending if there’s a Subbody Euro tour happening). After if it’s financially feasible, I prefer just coming straight back to India.

India Life Resonance Butoh Tour

During this Winter India Life Resonance 2018-19 Butoh Tour (Beginning of December to Early March), we will proceed with Life Resonance at various India locals based on Butoh performance, workshop intensive, collaboration between various art genres, and promotion of the Himalaya Subbody School at art/performance festivals. This means we are opening this up for more than just intensive. If you desire an artist collaboration of some type, (multiple-day preferred), we are also interested.

Our aim is to cultivate Life Resonance between Indian artist and foreign artist. We have engaged in 3 Indian tours in the past and will continue to build a flexible rhizomic network of life.

Dec 12 – 14 – Kolkata – 3 day intensive

Dec 15 – 16 – Kolkata – Performance – Culture Monks

Dec 19 – 01 – Hyderabad – 5+ day intensive – Phoenix Arena

Jan 23 – 26 –  Kolkata – Performances – Kolkata International Performance Art Festival

Feb 04 – Feb 08 – Mumbai  – 5 day intensive – Drama School Mumbai

Feb (? – ?)Bangalore. In collaboration with Honza’s Free Butoh School in beautiful wilderness in Tumkur.

India Scholarship Program

I am helping Rhizome Lee (of the Subbody Butoh School) with a scholarship program specifically for Indian residents who are eager to study Butoh but can’t due to financial situation. Several Indian residents have passed through the course throughout the years, and it is very interesting to see their process and interpretation of Butoh. I hope to see more coming through. If you are in a place to help a good artistic cause, do contribute!