Child Vision

A type of memory revisits me occasionally from elementary school. A mundane memory, yet a rich one.

I remember all the times when workbooks were passed out which led to a multi-sensory experience. I remember being drawn by the colors, gloss, smell, sound, and pictures. I would have added taste if it weren’t for the social ramifications (which is what molds human domestication).

The actual subject matter in those workbooks usually were the least of my curiosity.

Children appear to naturally be in this multi-sensory world, the world of props (chairs are not chairs, etc.). We may dismiss this as something we have gone beyond or something too simplistic, but perhaps it’s at the root of enjoying life, meditation (awareness), and peak experiences.

So perhaps we have to go back then to when we got lost in the stimulus in an embodied way. Then we might rediscover more of an improvisational, multi-sensory, multi-resonant body.