Updates, Tour, and Scholarship Fund

I’ve been in India since early July this time around, and I have absolutely no desire to leave. I don’t mind having to do whatever I need to do to just always live here. I’ve even entertained the idea of recruiting some Shadowbody theater folks. There is some talent in the India butoh world anyway.

At where I stand now, it’s looking like I will be in India till summer or late July of 2019 (depending if there’s a Subbody Euro tour happening). I do want to attend the next Exit Butoh Festival in Germany (August 2019), and after that if it’s financially feasible, I prefer just coming straight back to India.

India Life Resonance Butoh Tour

I am also in the process of creating an India Butoh Tour that spans from beginning of December to beginning of March. These are the places so far:

Dec 15 – 16 – Kolkata

Dec 19 – 23 – Hyderabad

Dec 26 – Jan 1 – Tamil Nadu

India Scholarship Program

I am helping Rhizome Lee (of the Subbody Butoh School) with a scholarship program specifically for Indian residents who are eager to study Butoh but can’t due to financial situation. Several Indian residents have passed through the course throughout the years, and it is very interesting to see their process and interpretation of Butoh. I hope to see more coming through. If you are in a place to help a good artistic cause, do contribute!