The Lie

The Magician’s Attic, Kevin Sloan

Self’s monologue
is the Magician’s wand,
the Artist’s paintbrush,
I Am’s I Am This,
and the Sun’s prism
gifting colors, veils, and lies.

And Self is the Lie
draping the shattered
Law of noncontradiction,
the Mystery of Mysteries,
and the Fool’s finger at lips.

ॐ $ †

om deals deals deals


introducing the prayfordable all-

limightid-time sacrifiscal offering


jesus saves fifteen persentient

off purchastity at crucifixed rate


unbeatable jehovalue


try the all-vishnew bargainesh

with sarasvat of liquidations


buy oneness get oneness free


achieve spending accountiousness

with mantransactions


or the cha i-ching wu-layawei

effortless transactions


the great awakearning


meditrade aloan and cultivate

salevation and profitic visions


gurus are standing by