Al’s Owl

In this story, the elevator closes shut. Al hits the button, but is taken back where he started because the single story facility rejects all other stories, deeming them too hierarchical.

He leaves, convinced he stepped out of his legs. A nearby logician objects, yet is incapable of voicing this as a feral cat.

Al escapes language and floats into a sea of chaos. Hoot!

Hounds swim after him till the three play dead.

The following mourning, Al follows the canine funeral disguised as himself. Objection! The judge issues out a death sentence. The Reaper gets the death penalty. Hoot!

Astounded, Al throws her hands up, but is unable to catch them because he has no arms.

After a large scene cut, the hands transform into vultures. The vultures fly into their own wings, rediscovering nonduality. There, one gate flings open, granting entry. Then another, The Gateless Gate, flings open on the condition of being shut.

Al fishes from a tortoise whom lacks any tortoise-like features. The tortoise claims to have forgotten how to open her mouth.

The sun descends to bed, burning all the leaping sheep, except for the dreamers of leaping men. Truth lies down on a bed of deception. By the time the shepherd discovers this, he is edited.

Instead of sheep, Al counts his fingers hoping to find eleven. Hoot! He may have driven himself mad if not for the flat tires, but alas he himself goes flat. Truth folds him into a box with no inside.

He wakes up the rooster. Then change happens. He has single-sided coins in his pocket.

Al slips on a ground-level pedestal, slipping into space. He wins a paper trophy that crawls with cheering spiders.

He runs from his spine, finding solace in his rear-view mirror—but for a laugh. Hoot! The axis of his mouse wheel is made of bunga hunga.

He travels along where east meets west and ends meet means. He carries a blank map scroll to the fireplace. His smoke laughs in his face, so he laughs back.

Al hears his deafness, plays peek-a-boo with himself, and conspires against his own footprints. Clouds rain umbrellas. Winds blow the sky away like a blindfold vanishing after being worn.

A wrecking ball plushy swings past him. He forecloses on his coffin. Hoot!

He bids on quitting gambling and wins a trip to the floor. The fall lasts a total of seventeen seconds, which makes him late for the bus.

A skateboard appears yet stays in place due to not having any wheels. Truth gets wind of this and throws a fit of lighting bolts, knocking Al unconscientious.

In the emergency room, indifference surges through him till he catches an indifference to indifference.

The nurse administers antivenom, despite Al’s immunity to biting his own tail. Al then fakes an out of body experience. He meets God who pokes him with a pitchfork that deflates self-images.

Finally discharged, he learns his lesson to never iron trousers before midnight. The night owl disagrees. Hoot!

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