Knots & Whyatt Knots

Is this the beginning?

The sun theoretically shines.

Whyatt Knot’s esoteric name is Whyatt Knot, but without “Whyatt” and “Knot.”

Autonym #1: One.

He mused under a questionable sun, pondering over the axiom of if “if” is/isn’t “if,” then “then” is/isn’t “then.”

The following day, Whyatt was charged eight hours of sleep for stepping in manuer. With heavy eyes, Whyatt retaliated by threatening to change into a banana tree.

At once, the chimpanzees appeared, but then left shortly after due to unavailable parking.

(The former line is an abstraction and ought to be ignored if you know what’s best for you.)

Truthfully, the only truth is no truth, to Whyatt’s liking. Whyatt liked “like” like “like” ought to be liked. That that that that (four that), Whyatt lost a letter grade. He literally learned to unlearn figuratively.

He sent out bitter nods to nearby classmates, realising they had always been cardboard cutouts. One by one, he threw them into a fire, then stirred the kettle for extra credit.

The homeless waited with soup bowls. These bowls were so large, they were tubs, so Whyatt handed them a towel and a change of clothes.

With striped uniforms, they were thrown behind bars, where they were to serve ten years of drink specials.

Autonym #2: English.

“In” is in this line just as “English” in English is, “this” is “this” is, and “is” is “is” is.

The wall collapsed out of boredom till the idea of collapsing collapsed, forcing disorder to gravitate towards order.

In order for Whyatt to comprehend, he must first exist outside of fiction.

Nine words (two being invisible): That which is knowable can only be fiction.

Whyatt solved the puzzle, identifying “two” as a word, not a quantifier.

Exercise 3-1: What is Exercise 3-1?

Questions led to questions about questions, whereas answers led too many astray.

These realizations hit Whyatt like a cold breeze, so he put a sweater on, having been exposed up until now.

What is the euphemism for euphemism?

The unexamined life is to die for.

Whyatt tried to catch the two hands in front of him. He cought himself in front himself and told himself truths/non-truths.

If up goes down, both up and down go down, but if left goes left and left again, left gets left out.

Left in charge, Whyatt resumed, but twice in size. Or did everything shrink?

That is impossibly possible.

Whyatt closed his lunch box open. In one hand, he held a large smallness while in the other, a heavy lightness. Both tasted like a brightly textured sound, lightly salted.

Caution: The simplest is the most complex.

To demonstrate, Whyatt flipped a coin with determinism on one side and indeterminism on the other. The chances of landing by chance were the same as being predestined to do so.

Whyatt closed his lunch box open. In one hand, he held a large smallness while in the other, a heavy lightness. Both tasted like a brightly textured sound, lightly salted.

Autonym #3: Inanimate.

Later that day, Whyatt chased after his impostor, believing himself to be the real Whyatt. When really, both were impostors.

Along the way, Whyatt tripped and fell into debt, owing apologies to linear context. He assumed that “assume” meant to assume, but he was greatly mistaken, for assuming implies existence, and Whyatt does not exist.

Whatever though. Whyatt still went to the evening party.

What happens when a party gets rage thirst? A punch line.

A play onwards becomes a play on words.

Autonym #4: Letters.

The point is sharply blunt, hence trivially nontrivial. Whyatt danced on this point, having been coaxed into it. He dove into a see of chaos and thoughtless thought. He became both audience and writer.

“Anything written,” Whyatt added, “is plagiarism and ‘plagiarism’ itself is plagiarized from the dictionary and alphabet.”

Having nothing more lose lose (two lose), he hit a tuning fork which had a surface of non-surface. The soundless sound began the ritual, so he drank from the baseless cup. The brew of no brew granted him either impossible stairs or a motionless elevator.

The world moved by an elevator with Whyatt inside. He saw the dancing silhouette of a candle not lit. He thought before he thought, reminding himself of himself defining “define.”

A distant nearness later, he heard a loud whispers (but singular) that motivated him against motivation. Is he awake or not sleeping?

Let’s advance backwards. Whyatt stepped upright onto his feet pointing up at the horizon.

Do birds stress over the apple sauce representing the future?

Whyatt stressed over the future in the future, but never in the present.

This line self-references itself.

Having passed the impassable overpass, Whyatt returned to the world of “is” is “is,” tucking non-world and non-“is” under his hat. He was always the laughing belief-juggler, skeptical of the skeptical and of the “of” being the “true” “of.”

He grinned at frowns and growned at frins. He agreed to disagree to agree to bluff his way into legitimacy.

Autonym #5: Itself.

Whyatt approached the completion of his work. He turned off the light and created heaviness. So heavy were his words that they slipped off into abstraction.

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