The Hangman

The hangman threatened to hang himself. The townspeople called the sheriff, but the sheriff locked herself behind bars.

The sheriff called the locksmith, but her cellmate answered. The other officers were out.

The locksmith cellmate called for a pizza, but the delivery man ate the whole pizza on his way there. This was a crime punishable by death.

The delivery man was escorted to the gallows by two of the town’s finest harlots. The hangman waited. The news crews filmed each other, and the townspeople waged war against themselves. Birds flew amok. Clouds were sucked up by a vacuum. The two harlots pleasured themselves. At the cue to the priest blessing himself with a dry altar vessel, the hangman hung himself.

The hangman entered a barren room, lured by the makeup mirror lined with bulbs of blinding white. Inside was a hall of mirrors moving to and fro like a train. A passenger with a crooked neck gazed out a window that kept disappearing just as quickly as it was reappearing.

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