Two Virtuosos

The game was tied seven to seven, bases full, with an eight to seven score resting heavily on Matthew Long’s shoulders. With trembling fingers, Matthew Long picked up the bat, but the bat slipped away and flew to the nearest cave.

There, the colony, strict in its admittance policy, nearly rejected his entry due to bearing no resemblance to the others who were not at all long, wooden, and cylindrical in shape. However, realizing their firewood shortage, the elves granted him admittance then threw him into the fire pit.

Matthew, having shamed the team, ran home to his mother, bewildered to why she was standing on it, with cleats even. Had she joined the team? She rang the dinner bell, though made no promises of actual dinner, for kitchens were no place for this recreational field. Bits of crumbled biscuit and pocket lint was all she had, Matthew’s favorite!

Soon after, both went to their dugouts and fell asleep for the night. The next morning, both the son and mother went missing, along with the bases, foul lines, and color schemes. This was accomplished by closing the eyes and ignoring the past because the present is about Jeramiah Osborne’s band.

Jeramiah’s band was popular, but one day out of a display of male dominance, he charged head first off stage into an alpha male. In result, he was kicked out of the band.

Jeramiah got a new job at the hospital but was discharged for eating medical documents and defecating outside clearly marked lavatories.

Now you better get it into your thick head that Matthew has nothing to do with Jeramiah because Matthew belongs to the past.

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