Rita Soma

Rita Soma

Rita Soma is a butoh performance artist and dancer from Spain who studied 2 years of physical theater at Nouveau Colombier in Madrid, Spain (2012 – 2014). There, she trained in Tadashi Suzuki Method, action and style mime, Lecoq method, and 4 days of butoh under Tania Garrido (Spain).

She also studied 3 years of Indian classical dance (Bharatanatyam) in Madrid (2011 – 2014), 2 months of Bharatanatyam intensives in Chennai (Dec 2014) and New Delhi, India (Jan 2016), and 1 month of Kalbelya gypsy dance in Pushkar, India (Rajasthan).

In 2017, she studied 3 months of butoh under Cinthia Patiño (Mexico) (Jan – March 2017). Then took the summer semester at the Subbody Butoh School (07/2017 – 08/2017) under Honza Svasek (Netherlands) and Adam Koan followed by 5 weeks of the fall semester at the Subbody School under Rhizome Lee (09/2017 – 10/2017).

Currently, she is at the Subbody School of Butoh (Spring ’18 semester).

Butoh Intensives Attended

02-01-18 – Tumkur, India | Butoh Retreat hosted by Honza Svasek.

12-03- 17 – Idan, Israel | 5 day intensive with Honza Svasek and Adam Koan in the desert

11/29/16 – 01/01/16 – 3 day intensive with Ken Mai in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

02/2017 – 9 day workshop with Adam Koan in Mexico City , Teatro Popular Joaquin Pardave

02/04/17 – 02/05/17 – 2 day (20 hour) intensive with Diego Piñón in Tlalpujahua, Mexico.

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