Shadowbody Tour 2016


Who are We?

We are Adam Koan and Cher Von, two artists with a mutual mission of making public performance art reflective of the full (sub)human experience in the form of a slippery Butoh/sound art.

Adam Koan is a Butoh performer determined to spread the obscure and oftentimes grotesque art that penetrates deep into the psyche-body connection. He is a classically trained dancer and studied butoh in the Indian Himalayas at the Subbody School of Butoh with Rhizome Lee.

Cher is a self-taught experimental vocalist and faux percussionist who utilizes wordless vocalizations (extended vocal technique), free movement, as well as natural and found materials (metal scraps, driftwood, aluminum bowls, etc).



What is the Project?

This collaboration will be given life on the first ever SHADOWbody tour (September-November), wherein Cher makes live soundscapes to accompany Adam’s butoh-based movement. The two will be spending time performing where invited (and also not invited because guerilla) in a plethora of settings (DIY spaces, art galleries, living rooms, etc.) but the main stage will be the streets of Austin, Albuquerque, San Francisco, and many other major cities.


Tour Dates

9/3 Asheville, NC – Asheville Contemporary Arts Theater | Workshop
10/16 Louisville, KY – SONICBernheim
10/20 Louisville, KY – OPEN Gallery
10/21 Louisville, KY – OPEN Gallery | Workshop
10/25 Cincinnati, OH – Warsaw Room
10/31 Cincinnati, OH – The Comet
11/3 Nashville, TN – Blackbird Tattoo
11/4 Chattanooga, TN – Tiki Ray’s
11/11 Asheville, NC – Genome Yome
11/16 Atlanta, GA – The Magic Lantern
11/18 Tampa, FL – Revolution Hair Co & Art Gallery | Workshop
11/19 Spring Hill, FL – House of Light Yoga | Workshop
11/20 Tampa, FL – Hare Krsna Temple
12/10 New Orleans, LA – TBA


See the Promo Video