Love Economics & God

Mar 27, 2024

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

1 John 4:8

We love because he first loved us.

1 John 4:19

As a preliminary foundation, let us propose that Love itself, Love with a capital L is God itself which is also Truth itself as well as an actual being — The Being — timeless and infinite.

This Love is the greatest paradox of all paradoxes, The Mystery, The Inertia, and The Rock (Gold).

Take heed what the Christian mystic Saint Maria Faustian heard from one of her visions, “Who God is in His Essence, no one will fathom, neither the mind of Angels nor of man” (diary excerpt).

Economics Requires Exchange

But before we venture further, it’s important to know that an exchange assumes there is something outside of one’s self to exchange with in the first place.

The same applies with love as it applies to humanity where there must be (1) a giver and (2) a receiver. This makes two things.

Yet in contrast to this, there is the idea of non-duality which makes love unclassifiable because the singularity of “The All” or “Emptiness” loses the distinction between giver and receiver.

The concept, however, is a bit of an illusion because to even construct it in the first place relies on dualistic thinking — distinction versus no distinction — so even thinking is dualistic no matter how much we may try to think ourselves out of our own brains.

That being said, it is only God who can make any claim to know non-duality. And perhaps the only time Love can stand on its own without a need for another is when God is Love itself.

Non-duality is not our territory to try and become, and to think we can do so can lead to a dangerous hubris where we think we can become the Creator, which is an insidious virus seen both in the secular and New Age world to the point that some, such as Kanye West, unabashedly claim, “I am God.”

The First Mine

The Field of Love or Garden of Eden can be viewed as a state of absolute abundance and communion with God. There was no need to mine anything. To mine against absolute abundance to attempt to gain even more abundance was man’s first act of hubris.

This was an act of attempting to create distinction such as narrative or image not from God but from our own selves, the creature — searching for something to only call mine — which is a form of idolatry or Creature over Creator, which is under the more general definition of idolatry — The Created over The Creator — or the epitome of putting the cart before the horse.

Those who pay regard to vain idols forsake their hope of steadfast love.

Jonah 2:8

So what we can call The First Currency or Original Sin is man’s first act of cruelty — The First Mine — a turning away to engage in a pickaxe violence against God due to hubris, all occurring through free will which was God’s gift to begin with.

This pickaxe severed mankind from the Tree of Life — the cord connecting man to God like an umbilical cord — leading to the Fall from the Garden.

Hubris was first Lucifer’s affliction or one could even say the birth of hubris itself, which Lucifer then brought upon humanity as a virus in the form of the other tree, The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil due to his utter disdain for both God and his creatures who were crafted in His image.

Lucifer’s penchant for misery loving company extends to anyone who distances themselves from God, as they either are or will inevitably become miserable deep down inside, often spreading this discontent to others. Fortunately, repentance serves as the antidote, allowing individuals to once again embrace God, who is Love.

Love Coins

The First Mine or First Currency led the way to a multitude of love currencies or love coins and their counterfeits or love cons, all composed of varying degrees of mined fields containing the roots of either The Tree of Life or The Tree of Knowledge. Coins minted from the mine fields containing the roots of the Tree of Life are backed by Gold (God), but coins minted from the mine fields containing The Tree of Knowledge are simply counterfeit.

When he [Lucifer] lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

John 8:44

The different coins/currencies are forms of love such as what the Greeks classified as: (1) agape (love for everybody); (2) eros (sexual passion); (3) storge (familial love); (4) philautia (self-love); (5) pragma (practical love); (6) ludus (playful love); philia (deep friendship love); and (7) mania (obsessive love).

Yet due to the Fall, every use of love coin or counterfeit by its pickaxe nature will always be an act of cruelty or sacrifice. At the same time, depending on how the love coin is used, there will, so long as there is breath, be the possibility for redemption — a return back Home to the Garden where coins are irrelevant because everything automatically has value.

Post-fall, these love coins come with cruelty because when one chooses one thing over another, the other thing will feel marginalized or ignored. This, again, is due to the disconnection from The Field of Love where love, paradoxically, is equally symbiotic in all directions. In the Garden, everything works out perfectly, whereas after the Fall, love comes with a loss.

Lowercase love, either real or counterfeit, is the oil that greases every little aspect of our life, no matter how tiny or large. In this case, the oil is squeezed out from the fruits of either of the two trees.

The properties of the coin determine whether they are counterfeit or not. Any love coin stained with the cardinal sin of pride (cooked with the oil the The Tree of Knowledge) and the sins that lead from it are counterfeit, and counterfeit coins lead to falling further into detriment.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6:23

Because there are endless ways to mine from the two fields (of the two trees), the forms of love currency are actually endless.

The Love Coin That Trumps All Others

We all want these love coins, but the most valuable coin of all is the love for God which we can call theoamory. This coin has the highest percentage of Gold (God), yet many in this extremely short-lived life will think it’s merely composed of Fool’s Gold, and may even go to the extent of mocking it.

This coin creates a trickle-down effect of love where the love of God leads to the love of neighbor, which will in turn flood the individual with love, essentially forming a love triad.

And so this brings us to the golden instruction, which is the most important message in scripture:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” The second is this: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Mark 12:30–31

Love Payment Methods

Whether or not it’s the theoamory coin, once one has a love coin/currency, one will also need a medium in which to exchange it. Along with everybody having their distinct preferences in types of coins, they will also have preferences in forms of payment method.

The payment method (cash, check, credit, etc.) are the various love languages such as (1) words of affirmation; (2) quality time; (3) physical touch; (4) acts of service; (5) and receiving gifts.

Again, the theoamory coin which is the love of God is the most valuable coin. So, let’s see an example of how to make use of these various payment methods using this coin.

  1. Words of affirmation can entail the words of praise to God via Psalms.
  2. Quality time can entail the time spent simply being conscious of God’s presence within and around us because where life is, there is God’s breath.
  3. Physical touch can entail the interaction with His presence manifesting as the Holy Spirit or grace.
  4. Acts of service can entail following His wholesome message and spreading it.
  5. A gift to God can entail simply acknowledging how much we accept him.

Like currencies, new payment methods can for sure be created. Love is inherently creative like that.

Love Exchange Rate & Transaction Fee

Because we all have our preferred love languages aka preferred payment or transaction methods, there will incur exchange rates and payment fees due to the exchange differences in both currencies and payment methods.

Take for instance someone expressing love in a playful way (ludus), yet the receiver was looking more for a deep friendship (philia). If this is accepted anyway, there would incur a fee for this connection due to the differences in currency which would be the exchange rate. Sometimes the exchange rate is workable, sometimes not.

On top of that, if we are connecting with somebody by not using their preferred payment method (love language), that will also incur a transaction fee. If we express our love by giving gifts when actually the receiver is more resonant with quality time, then though the expression may be received with open arms, it will not be received as much as with their preferred love language. This connection loss would be the transaction fee.

But back in The Field, these fees are irrelevant because love between Creator and Creature is free and already in perfect symbiosis.

Love Coin Value

The valuation of the love coins are determined by the various shifting percentages stemming from Gold (God), God being True Value itself. They are: (1) usable value (its usability); (2) rare value (its scarcity); (3) aesthetic value (its perceived beauty); (4) and emotional value (its sentimentality).

Pragma (practical love) for instance which is a love coin that comes from tolerating differences and accepting commitments can have much usable value, emotional value, and rare value (because it may be rare that people stick around through thick and thin), but it might lack in terms of aesthetic value (such as with eros).

In the Field of Love, however, everything automatically has inherent value (value in itself), but because we are participating in the post-mine, post-fall narrative, we distinguish things that are loved or valued over others via our love coins or worse, our love cons.

But say God were to get placed into these worldly valuations, then Gold (God) would be: (1) the most useful (as he is our salvation); (2) the most rare (as there is only ONE); (3) the most aesthetic (as there is no higher beauty); (4) and the most sentimental (as he would be worth dying for a thousand times over).

Everything Has Already Been Paid In Full

As mentioned earlier, all love coins carry a burden: they must prioritize one thing over another, thus sacrificing the thing not chosen. But paradoxically, communion with God abolishes this sacrifice. Instead, communion becomes its own reward, leading to an endless cascade of rewards.

Fortunately for us all, this communion became accessible after God’s only son, Jesus Christ came to Earth. His sacrificial act paid the price for humanity’s transgressions originating from the Fall at the Garden of Eden, liberating us from perpetual lives of sin. His sacrifice, unparalleled in history, served as the ultimate expression of love and stands as the greatest form of redemption — a love language or payment method unmatched by any other.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

So everything has already been paid in full, neatly packaged and presented to us, requiring only a signature to accept as offer.