Park Limited & Better

She strolls to a qualified park where she accepts a limited time
offer, risk-free batch of ducklings, hot clouds, a breeze, hassle-
free bird chirps, larger than life originals of oak leaves, ready-
to-use benches, and free sunshine, gravity, and splash sounds.

The turtle (approved and as seen on TV) demands she enjoys
the Satisfaction Guaranteed. There is no other choice; she is
to be directly satisfied with dreams that come true, with every-
thing provided: flexibility, fundamentals, secrets, and wisdom.

Join the winner! Her lucky day is now! She takes home a life-
time of shakes (no more pesky calm!), fast-responding tempests,
new rabid raccoons, universal invasion of privacy, quicker aging,
easy heartbreak, long term mosquitoes, playful sexual predators,
magnified sunlight (yes! No more sticky sunblock!), smart viruses,
free mother-approved child-trafficking, secure imprisonment,
creative sadism, and fool-proof suicide prevention while supplies

A Language Plague

A virus infiltrates the collective
memory of civilization and eats
away the alphabet, starting
with A, B, and C. Word delivery
resumes smoothly, then the enemy
digests D, E, F. Thoughts whirl
sloppily. Thy goblin swills upon
G, H, I joyously to more, J, K, L;
summons M, N, O; puts up P, Q, R;
wut? S, T, U…; V, W, X…; Y, Z.

Gnaw, Seize, Surplus, Clone, More

She cultivates a farm of belongings; stores more into her
cheeks; rummages shelves for the additional; exposes
vampiric fangs; seizes the judge’s hammer; sails a pirate’s
ship; grows a stronger hand; builds a storage unit over
a monument; exploits the copy button; snipes the auction;
double-parks; unearths the neighbor’s acorns; outsources
to a counterfeit; grows a stickier tongue; attaches more
strings; steals the bed sheets; circles above the carcass;
turns the soup kitchen into a wine tasting, prays for more;
blackmails the doctor; doubles the interest rate; sews
a larger claiming flag; snips a public rose; cuts off the fire
truck; swallows a turtle egg; exhausts the microphone;
enshrines the mirror; barb wires the fence; trophy hunts
the uneatable; bribes the referee; flaunts the black baton;
wagers the donations; weaves a boundless web; devours
the male; pollutes the air with scorns; harvests the reserves;
adds to the clutter; adds to the repertoire; and asks for more.

Fine Print

That shampoo bottle, again, with its warning:

Hair loss.

First that, then a hair-contaminated floor, a hair-
ball-suffocated pet Skittles, a circle of salivating
vultures, a slip of the buck-shot finger, a doctor’s
debris-removal (and his night terror of bills), a re-
call to matrimony, an empty space on a two-seat
carnival ride, a sword-swallower’s rape-stare,
a doctor’s fetus-removal, a vengeful Poltergeist,
a thrill-kill possession, a judge’s call for the chair,
a revoked admission to Heaven’s Gate, a revisit
to that shampoo bottle, again, with its warning:

Hair loss.

First that, then…

Earth’s Non-Spin

Baby carriage wheels never spin, no, no-thing, nor like
a gear of a clock, nor baboon.

“Goo goo gah gah….” The word of God. Jehovah
is Lucifer. You are you. You are me. (Here, plagiarize.)
Entirety, all, whole, ten out of ten, completely, at once,…
nil, zero, non-, un-,….

(Here, plagiarize.) “A mother in Dallas is one of several
parents complaining about a new interactive book
for toddlers in which Sesame Street character Elmo
asks ‘who wants to die?'[…]” Here, now, at this time,
present, without further adieu,….

Now the wheels are puberty, then law-abiding mothers,
tires, non-spinners, nor rattlesnake. Frightening!
Spider, bumblebee, giraffe, horseshoe, gopher-beaver
elephant, toaster oven. These non-spin. Spin, spin, spin,
spin. No.

Sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat (into a half-aged non-spin).
Her steering wheels never spin, nor steer; fingers non-
steer, non-non. We loved feeling that grease in between
our fingers. Fat, fat and fat, progressive fat, buildup fat,
good for the non-spin fat.

“Thank you so much for the slippers.” The meaning
of life. / The meaning of non-spin. A blank. “Who
do you think you are?”


Ambulance wheel non-spins, and hearse, non-spin. You,
me, a consequently, regardlessly, instantaneously, non-spin.

“Do you want the pepper jack tombstone or the monetary
cheddar one?”