Morir y Morir de Nuevo Trio

This is a new butoh choreography that was performed at 2 different venues in San Cristobal, Mexico for this year’s Dia De Muertes celebration. The video superimposes the two performances into one video. The two venues are Wapani Cultural Space and Kinoki. The English translation to the Spanish title is To Die & Die Anew.

It is also based on the Tatsumi Hijikata quote: “I would like to make the dead gestures inside my body die one more time and make the dead themselves dead again. I would like to have a person who has already died die over and over inside my body. I may not know death, but it knows me.”

What is it to die and die within the body? What is our relationship to death? To the loss of our memory? To the transition into unknown territory? In so resonating with death, can we then finally begin resonating with life?

Original project was a solo, but the idea for the next project is to incorporate 2 other butoh artists into the choreography of 10 minutes.