2020 In Review

Despite the drastic 1984 world changes, 2020 has been quite a positive year for me. I am grateful to still have been able to travel all around, dance and guide in-person classes. For me, it’s been a tremendous year of growth.

January had already been 1 month into my x-ray travel assignment in Rapid City, South Dakota, a travel job I had done 4 years prior as well. At the time, I was still recuperating my psyche from the mess I went through in India that past August/October with the Subbody pedophile-related stuff.

In Rapid City at a Native American facility, I was only working open to close shifts Saturdays and Sundays, which is not as bad as it sounds. It was extremely relaxed just as I always remembered it. The remainder of my time was spent relaxing, working out at the gym, jogging, constructing stand-up comedy routines, and cooking. It was a very solitary time, but it was also a very nurturing one.

Three months passed and by the end of March, I had completed my contract and was ready to travel again despite the mainstream media fear narrative.
I took a flight back to Florida, and spent a month in Belleview (where I grew up), which was a pleasant deeper bonding with family.

By sometime in May, I left and went to visit Julie at her house in the Asheville, North Carolina mountain area with lots of trees and a river. There, we kept ourselves quite busy by participating in zoom dance classes, working out in the living room, going on walks, and doing the occasional yard work, and even painting the house.

By late June, I decided to go to Europe early since USA was getting boring with all the restrictions. The city of Belgrade in Serbia welcomed me without any issue, one of the only countries still allowing flights from USA at the time.

Spent a week there then booked a bus to Pula, Croatia (9 hours away) to visit a friend for 2 weeks. Had a pleasant time catching up and going to some very pretty beaches.

Then I visited a friend in a fairy (or gnome) town Totnes, UK for 2 weeks and even performed the piece entitled MicrosFear, which was the first choreographed performance I had done since the year before. Everyone loved it and were grateful to have been able to watch something during such a restricted time.
By the time August came around, we had to last minute shift our 1 month program from Novi Sad, Serbia to Istanbul, Turkey. Our Butoh Lantern counterpart Ozerk found a studio with 2 rooms, which Julie and I lived in as well as our friend and butoh participant Aleksander. Our classes were small, but we did a good amount of research 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. At the time, Istanbul was very festive.

After, I returned to Totnes for a month where I did little neat travels to small southwestern UK towns. Even did a fun collaborative street performance with Anna at a festival in a small town entitled In Romance With Safety which involved me being rolled around inside a plastic box filled with various sanitary props while 50s children’s hygiene instructions played on the speaker. We did eventually get kicked out by security, which was also a fun part of the experience.

By the time October rolled around, we were ready for our Lviv, Ukraine butoh program. 1st and 3rd month were quite active. There was a tremendous amount of research that had transpired, and Ukrainians had also come from outside of Lviv (such as Odesa and Kiev). Julie, Ozerk, and I were astounded at how cute the city was. Lviv was also quite celebrative and cheerful from our perspective. There were no restrictions on restaurants outside of 2 weekends, and hilariously, it was only the Georgian ones that seemed to defy the order so we had a running joke that they were part of the “Georgian mafia.”

In Lviv, I had also joined the gym, and even taken back up speed jump roping along with re-learning (and learning new) “stupid human tricks” as Julie calls them, which I hadn’t seriously engaged in since elementary school. I then remembered that our “road show” at Belleview Elementary was actually my first experience of performing for an audience outside of the school, and I was just 10 or 11 years old.

Now the Ukraine program finished and all of us have taken a flight to Turkey. From here, we’re on our little vacations till the Izmir Mountain 1 month Butoh Retreat comes about on the 11th of January.

All is well. It’s been a great year. nGrateful to all the people who helped make all these activities possible. 2021 will continue the dance. I have plans to amp up Bhakti and prayer since the gratitude lifestyle has been something I’ve been cultivating and researching.

There is also a possibility of a 2 month Mexico butoh program beginning March 1st. Stay tuned. ⚡️