Love Economics

Sep 25, 2022

As a preliminary base, I propose that Love itself, Love with a capital L is the timeless realm, the infinite, and the place we both will be returning to and the place we never left.*

This Love is the paradox of paradoxes, The Mystery, The Inertia, and The Field.

This Love is beyond language and is the driving Force behind anything and everything.

This Love always was and always will be.

Ploughing into the field of Love

This Field of Love can be viewed as the light of a film projector. A film negative projected by the projector will be a temporary obscuring (a ploughing or even a sacrifice) to parts of The Field for the purposes of creating distinctions such as narrative or image.

The First Currency is the first act of cruelty, The Great Fall from The Garden (The Field), The Great Tragedy.

A primordial Love Schema or First Currency is born which is that of Love obscuring itself from itself either as a joke, to experience itself in a new way, or both.

These narrative or image motifs can then act as forms of love currency or love coins, all composed of varying degrees of Love Field.

The use of coins is both a gesture of love and a gesture of cruelty: great for the object of attraction, but cruel for everything else that is ignored or marginalized as a result.

In this way again, every use of a coin is an act of sacrifice. To discern what thing to love is to take that time and energy away from something else.

We all want the same thing

We all want these love coins, these various degrees of Love Field/Narrative moments of experience. Some will tell themselves that they are in it more for the narrative or maya, yet others may say it is more for the Love Field. Yet throughout this temporary life, Field and Narrative will be two sides of the same coin.

The Different Love Coins

What we call love here on earth comes in different coins or currencies all stemming from the Love with a big L. Love with a big L is the oil that greases every little aspect of our life, no matter how tiny or large.

The different currencies can be seen as forms of love such as what the Greeks classified as

  • agape (love for everybody)
  • eros (sexual passion)
  • storge (familial love)
  • philautia (self-love)
  • pragma (practical love)
  • ludus (playful love)
  • philia (deep friendship love)
  • mania (obsessive love)

The Vaishnvas and Sufis have a form of love currency called bhakti which is devotional service toward Source (the projector itself).

Because there are endless ways to plough within The Field, the forms of love currency are actually endless.

These love currencies like other currencies are also limited in supply due to time, set, and setting constrictions.

Love Payment Methods

Once one has a love currency, one also needs a medium in which to exchange it. Along with everybody having their distinct preferences in forms of currencies, they will also have preferences in forms of payment method.

The payment method (cash, check, credit, etc.) are the various love languages such as

  • words of affirmation
  • quality time
  • physical touch
  • acts of service
  • receiving gifts

Like currencies, new payment methods can for sure be created.

Love Exchange Rate & Love Payment Fee

There will be instances of exchange rates and payment fees due to exchanging differences in currencies and payment methods.

Take for instance if one meets somebody and shows their love by trying to connect in more of a playfully loving way (ludus), yet the other would have rather received it in a more romantic way (eros). The cost for this connection due to the differences in currency would be an exchange rate. Sometimes the exchange rate is workable, sometimes not.

On top of that, if we are connecting with somebody by not using their preferred payment method (love language) that will also come with a transaction fee.

If we express our love by giving gifts when actually the receiver is more resonant with quality time, then though the expression may be received with open arms, it will not be received as much as with their preferred love language. This loss of connection is the transaction fee.

Love Coin Value

Love coins are backed by various shifting percentages of the following:

  • Usable value – the practical use it has
  • Rare value – its scarcity
  • Aesthetic value – its perceived beauty
  • Emotional value – its sentimentality

Pragma (practical love) for instance which is a love coin that comes from tolerating differences and accepting commitments can have much usable value, emotional value, and rare value (because it may be rare that people stick around through thick and thin), but it might be perceived lacking in terms of aesthetic value (such as with eros).

At the state of Love Itself, everything automatically has inherent value (value in itself), but because we are participating in the dichotomic maya game narrative, we distinguish things that are loved or valued over others with our love coins.

A love coin’s shadow is that which it chooses not to value.

The Love Rat Race

Everything we do, no matter how big or how small is fuelled by love. From the mystic to the narcissist, mother to the gambler, love is behind the scenes as the projector shining the light.

We can praise the light or question the light for the states of the world, but the projector will keep going.

Both crimes and blessed acts happen in the name of love in some form or fashion. No wonder it is such a big theme in art and music.

How are you ploughing the Love Field?

* One may assume the position that to fathom the concept of love in the first place is to think of (1) a giver and (2) a receiver. One may be tempted to even say that a nondual reality is beyond the classification of love because The All or Emptiness bears no distinction between giver and receiver.

Yet to even build the concept in the first place, one had to already have relied on dualistic thinking. Distinction vs No Distinction is already a dualistic activity. To think at all is already a dualistic activity.

We can try to outthink ourselves out of our own brains. We can even try to out-exist ourselves out of our own existence, but we will only be chasing our own tail.